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COVID-19 Notice

As we begin a phased and measured return to Junior Football Clubs, Schools and Academies we have assessed and updated how we will operate, to deliver our sessions in a safe and hygienic way.

Controls in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19
  • Stringent handwashing to take place before and after every lesson/session.
  • Entry and exit anti-bacterial gel to be provided and used by coaches, players and spectators.
  • Players to bring their own drink, clearly labelled.
  • All footballs and equipment will be cleaned after each session.
  • No player to be asked to collect any equipment.
  • No bibs or bands to be used during sessions /lessons.
  • Coaches to use their own football/equipment if a demonstration is required.
  • Where possible players should arrive at the session/venue with the clothing intended for the activity to limit the need to use a changing area.
  • Social distancing to be adhered to at all times, this includes pick up and drop off, when walking through the venue, as well as during the lesson/session.
  • Group sizes in accordance with Government and FA guidelines.
  • All sessions will be held outside.
  • 2m rule to be consistently applied and coaches will remind players.
  • Ensure venue has appropriate measures in place, including entry and exit system.
  • 1st Aid Box incl. ice packs within training area.

  • Players will be encouraged to self-administer treatment for minor knocks under the supervision of the coach whilst adhering to the 2m rule.

  • For more serious injuries, players will be treated by the coach in accordance with the Emergency Action Plan. 
  • Each coach to have PPE in their first aid kit and will ensure this is worn at all times.