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PFD AcademyThe PFC Academy, is a specialist, invite only division which has been created to provide young, talented footballers a platform to further their training and football journey, as well as experience training as an academy player.

To provide young, talented footballers a platform that will be recognised as the Academy of choice for young players within our local area.

To identify, develop and support young footballers in order for them to achieve their maximum potential, embracing a culture that encourages team work, self discipline and a determination to succeed at the top level.

PFC Academy Philosophy

To focus on developing each player to become better individual footballers, as well as understanding the game from a team`s point of view.

This means we will recruit with such intention and equip our players with the technical and tactical skills required.

We will create an environment where our syllabus helps create an all rounded player. Our values, behaviour and coaching methods will underpin this philosophy. We will develop both the players and the staff to create an exceptional spirit both on and off the pitch.

PFC Academy Objectives

  1. To ensure that all the individual needs of the young footballers are met.
  2. Set high footballing and social standards.
  3. Provide a supportive and disciplined environment.
  4. Run a focused and demanding football syllabus that will maximise players potential and produce outstanding young footballers.
  5. Recognise and celebrate player`s success.
  6. Develop positive and honest relationships with all players and parents.
  7. Provide the young players with enough experience to ensure that they are equipped for alternative career pathways.

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What they say about us


We take pride in our work and enjoy showcasing the positivity that surrounds our company.

"I have been looking to find some advanced football coaching for my son who has really started to develop as a young player. He plays for a local junior team with his friends and has recently been scouted to attend sessions at the Man City academy. The standard of the players and the coaches was first class. Thanks for all the great support you have given my son." - David Atkinson

"Mr Andy is absolutely fantastic and has a natural rapport with children. His sessions are effective, well planned and lots of fun. Andy is able to challenge children of all abilities and is able to meet the needs of the individual, as well as the group. We would recommend them highly!" - Oakfield Nursery School

"The standard of the players and the coaches was first class. Now that the Academy groups are playing more fixtures against high quality opposition, it gives the players a purpose and a real desire to improve. Thanks for all the great support you have given my son." - David Atkinson
"The PFC Academy is perfect for our boys as it focuses on all the areas of development required to make them into good, solid players! The attitude and ability of the coaching team is fantastic. I would strongly recommend."